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I’m a graphic designer based in Brisbane. I specialise in editorial design and brand identity driven by compelling storytelling. I have previously worked as a journalist and magazine editor for almost two decades. 

My Work


The Last Dance: handmade

The brief
Design a movie/theatre poster, 
book cover or record cover of your choice, exploring design principles, colour theory, lateral thinking and typography away from the influence of the computer.

The solution
The Nike Air Jordan 1 is one of the most recognisable shoes on the planet. This 3D collage aims to maintain the iconic aesthetic of the shoe, using images to highlight the underlying themes and layers of the The Last Dance documentary series.

Conte de Fées: brand identity

The brief

French actor Guillaume Marini fell in love with the historic Parisian district of Montmartre and has decided to transform an abandoned townhouse into a 10-room hotel. He has requested a brand identity design ahead of the development.

The solution

Montmartre is known for its cobbled streets, rustic features and art scene. This brand identity highlights the district’s romantic atmosphere and rustic features, which resemble a scene from a fairy-tale book. The name of the hotel is Conte de Fées, which translates to 'fairy tale' in French.

Runner's high: magazine article

The brief
Surfing magazine STAB has created an offshoot publication called CHASE, focusing on real stories around the mentality, future and culture of sport. Design an article for the first issue about those who are exploring the limits of their sport.

The solution
The article tells of the mental and physical challenges of running, while exploring what it takes to push yourself to your limits. The design aims to capture the raw and spiritual nature of running in its purist form.